Essential Facts about Chiropractors in Singapore

Chiropractors are a type of healthcare professionals involved with the diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal system disorders. Their treatment method is a bit different from conventional treatments. They emphasize on the manual techniques to treat a condition. Chiropractors in Singapore can detect and reduce misalignment of your spine to restore the function. Here some common facts about the chiropractic treatment in Singapore that everyone should need to know before visiting a chiropractic clinic in Singapore.

 What Does a Chiropractor Do?

 A chiropractor spends years to learn about anatomy, holistic health, nutrition, and physiology. They specialize in treating misalignments in your spine that intervenes with the central nervous system. In brief, they adjust your spine through manipulation to treat musculoskeletal disorders. People mostly prefer to visit a chiropractor to treat pain.

 Can You Visit a Chiropractor for All Types of Pain?

People in Singapore consider chiropractic treatment to cure back pain. These professionals are well-trained to adjust your spine and restore function naturally. However, chiropractic treatments offer a number of other health benefits in addition to the back pain. Even if you are not suffering from pain, you can visit a chiropractor for the followings.

• Boosts your overall wellbeing to prevent disease

• Prepares your body to perform better

• Improves the self-healing mechanism of your body and that makes healing fast

Is it Expensive to See a Chiropractor in Singapore?

No, if you compare the chiropractic treatment with other conventional treatments, you might not find this treatment expensive. The numerous benefits also make it worth considering. For a chiropractic consultation, you will have to spend between $70 and $120 in Singapore.

For one adjustment session, the price is $90. If you consider treatment packages, the price may raise up to $600 depending on the number of the sessions and the clinic you are visiting. So, it is better to do your own research before deciding on one.

Is Chiropractic Backed By Science?

Chiropractors claim that they are able to cure a lot of diseases in contrary to the common belief. Even some say that they can cure different types of health complications in addition to pain. However, all these claims are not supported by science.

There is no evidence that chiropractors can make people healthier by treating different health conditions. A chiropractor is well-trained to treat your pain, especially back pain. They cannot treat diabetes or any other health issues like general physicians. Also, you can consider other treatment options to treat your back pain.

 Can One Experience Side Effects During A Chiropractic Treatment?

Yes, chiropractic treatments are not free from side effects. The side effects will vary depending on your age and treatment. Adults can experience tearing in their neck’s artery inner lining. The treatment can also increase the risk of stroke.

 Do Chiropractors Follow Some Regulations in Singapore?

 No, chiropractors are not regulated in Singapore so far. However, they are not allowed to practice medicine. Singapore Ministry of State does not have any regulation on the treatment of the chiropractors. There is no regulation about the profession and treatment method. Therefore, chiropractors in Singapore have the freedom to call themselves chiropractic doctors.

Chiropractors are treated as doctors since they are trained to treat a certain health condition. But they are not medical doctors.

 Are There Chiropractic Training Centers in Singapore?

There is no chiropractic training course in Singapore. All the chiropractors practicing in Singapore are trained overseas.

Chiropractic clinics are gaining increasing popularity nowadays for their unconventional treatment methods. The treatment has some side effects and is not backed by science as well. Therefore, it is important to visit a reputed and experienced chiropractor to cure your pain and also consider both negative and positive sides.

Essential Facts about Chiropractors in Singapore